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Nobody enjoys finding ants in their home but if it happens to you we encourage you to phone our qualified Irvine ant control technicians. We can determine the kind of ant then recommend the appropriate course of action.

Different Ants – Different Nuisances

ant control irvine ca

Ants can be hard to eliminate on your own; call 949-337-1464 today!

Whether your ants are inside or outside, the first step to treatment is determine the kind. If you’re seeing them in the kitchen they’re likely sugar ants. The problem with any kind of ant invasion is they can travel quite a ways if they find a source of food. They can also build their nests behind your walls and under your home if given access.

In addition, the majority of ants travel in numbers. Hardly ever will you see just one or two, but if you do, it simply means there are more nearby that remain unseen. Our Irvine ant control treatments will help you eliminate the ants for good and we can help you stay protected all year long too.

Phone Our Pest Specialists First

Unfortunately retail solutions for eliminating ants only work to an extent and can cause you to spend more than you need to. If you prefer full, successful relief from all of these bothersome ants you’ll want to phone our Irvine ant control experts at 949-337-1464. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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