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Discovered a bed bug in your home or property? Or maybe you suspect an issue with bed bugs? Not to worry. Quality First Pest Control of Irvine can help. We have superior treatments needed to combat bed bugs effectively. They’re not a pest you’ll want to ignore either or if they’re present they will quickly infest your property. They’re actually one pest that we strongly advise seeking professional assistance right away. You won’t find any store solutions that work as well as our commercial grade treatments.

Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug control irvine ca

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If you aren’t familiar with bed bugs they’re small insects that feed on you while you sleep by biting you. They have a stylet that allows them to feed on you and a numbing agent that is injected upon their bite. This numbing agent makes their bite feel like a pin-prick and oftentimes you won’t notice if you’re asleep. They can feed on your blood for a good five to ten minutes. Bed bug bite areas typically become red and can swell.

Detecting Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs will typically infest a bedroom because they feed on you while you’re asleep. So where might they be? This is the more disturbing part. Bed bugs can hide out in small cracks and crevices throughout your room(s). The mattress seams are a common hiding spot and a spot to uncover blood spots (bed bug fecal matter) if not the bugs themselves.

In addition to your mattress they can hide in the seams of your bedding and inside pillowcases. They’ll take shelter behind wall decor and outlets close to the bed. Your bed frame and any furniture near your bed is at risk for being infested with these annoying pests. Curtains, rugs, carpet, etc.

Schedule a Bed Bug Inspection

Because they can infest so quickly and hide so well we advise having a professional bed bug inspection performed. Our Irvine bed bug exterminators know exactly where to look for these small pests. Once we’ve assessed the overall problem we can then advise the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

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If you suspect bed bugs, you should not even think about sleeping in your house any longer. Our Irvine bed bug control professionals are ready to answer your questions about these harmful pests today! Give us a call right now at 949-337-1464 to learn more.

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