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When it comes to bees not many people take the risk of trying to get rid of them on their own. Bees are not a pest to take lightly and should be approached with caution when trying to deter them from your property. Bees will build their nest and one nest or hive can consists of up to 60,000 bees.

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If you’ve noticed a nest or a swarm of bees on your property just call Quality First Pest Control of Irvine. We’ll send out our expert bee exterminators to assess the situation. When you rely on our services we’ll make sure to remove any debris left behind once we’ve treated the active bees. This includes their nest, if one is present.

Other Stinging Insects

In addition to helping you with bees our Irvine exterminators can also help you with wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging insects. If you’re allergic to stinging insects we definitely advise keeping a professional exterminator’s number on hand for times when these issues you occur. Never approach the nest of any stinging insect and instead give our Irvine bee control experts a call.

Quality Bee Control Services

If you really want some relief from the bees buzzing around your property you must consider giving our Irvine bee control professionals a call. We can answer any questions you have and make a scheduled visit to remove the bees on your property. Quality First Pest Control of Irvine offers a variety of treatment options to suit our clients. You should not be reluctant to ask about them when you contact us at 949-337-1464 to learn more about our superior stinging insect control solutions.

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