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Fleas are a common pest that often require professional flea control solutions to effectively eliminate them from a property. The reason being that fleas multiply quickly and spread quickly in a property. You don’t have to have pets to acquire a flea problem, but if you do have pets then you’re at higher risk of developing a flea issue.

Flee Prevention

In addition to your home or property, your lawn could be infested with fleas if you’re experiencing them inside. You could have carried them in the first time by picking them up unknowingly while walking through your yard. Stray animals and critters can carry fleas which may jump off the host while the critter is scurrying through your yard at night.

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It’s hard to really determine where the fleas may have come from, but regardless you will have a much easier time having them eradicated if you take immediate action. Unfortunately, most flea issues aren’t discovered until they become an infestation. For example, you sit on your couch and start noticing small bugs jumping on you and your couch. Or if you have pets they may be scratching consistently because the fleas have hidden in their fur.

Fleas 101

The most important thing to realize about fleas is that when they’re active on your property, it’s not only the fleas that have to be dealt with. Fleas will also lay their eggs in your carpeting, bedding and other living areas of the home. This is why it can be extremely frustrating and exasperating when attempting to stop a flea infestation all by yourself.

We recommend that you regularly examine for fleas or ticks if you have pets; most definitely pets living inside your home a majority of the time. Check the pet everywhere, particularly right behind the ears. Because you could be dealing with 4 cycles that make up the life of a flea, you should handle and treat every area completely.

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Many individuals prefer to contact the professionals with regard to their flea predicament mainly because they know professionals have the equipment and experience to stop the infestation Our competent flea control Irvine specialists will combat your flea problems.

Before getting in contact with a qualified flea control Irvine exterminator, you should completely vacuum and wash the carpets and rugs. You can sprinkle Borax on the carpets after you’ve finished which will help to dry out the fleas.

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