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Looking for professional pest control for your Irvine home? You’ve come to the right place. We offer quality Irvine residential pest control services that help you obtain and keep a pest-free property. We offer one-time and ongoing pest solutions for homes, although quite a few of our consumers simply need a single pest treatment. We modify our pest services to specifically battle your personal pest needs. However, if you prefer continuous pest control to to keep your family safe all year instead of a one-time application, just let us know.


residential pest control irvine ca

Our residential pest control Irvine plans treat a variety of pests; call 949-337-1464 today to learn more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re being invaded by ants, spiders, mice, bed bugs, or some other pest, our professionals are able to protect your family and home. Normally pests choose to be undetectable when it’s cold. In many cases, they will obtain shelter inside of your house where they remain unseen until it’s time to re-emerge. This is why the warmer seasons, like spring and summer, bring more insects. Pests typically come out of hiding and annoy you once it gets warmer.


Common Residential Pests in Irvine, California


The majority of the calls we’ve received here lately from Irvine residents have been for ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and mice. Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate; they also typically require several treatments. We’ve also been receiving quite a few calls for termite problems in past months. Termites are another tricky pest because they’re experts at invading houses without being noticed and remain undetected while they slowly eat your property.


We believe that protecting your home is our number one priority. As we treat your property we will always ensure that the area is kept safe. If you have kids or pets, we will use the appropriate treatments so that no harm can be caused to them.


Scheduled Pest Services & Treatments


If you are someone who can’t stand bugs then we strongly suggest a quarterly pest control service. With this plan one of our residential pest technicians will come to your Irvine home quarterly to implement treatments that prevent pests from being a problem.  The goal of this plan is to get rid of pests before they become a problem.


If at any time in between your quarterly treatments a pest problem occurs, not to worry! Just call us and let us know the situation and we will send a residential pest technician to take care of it. If you don’t like pests or the general thought of them invading your space, this is most likely the best and most affordable plan. Just give our Irvine pest exterminators a phone call now at 949-337-1464 and we will be glad to discuss your alternatives and help in any way possible!

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