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Do you have creepy crawlers in or outside the house? We’ve been responding to a number of calls recently for spiders that we see all too often in Irvine. A lot of people simply hate all spiders and do not enjoy seeing them inside their homes. If this sounds like you, then we would like to help.

Home Spider Control Solutions

If you’re having visits from the pesky spiders that like to hide out in homes then we’d be happy to help you get rid of them. You might notice these small spiders in the corners of your ceiling, in the bathroom, closets, or dark areas of the home. These house spiders are harmless and not a threat but we realize that isn’t enough to want to keep them around. To achieve complete extermination of your current spiders, we also eliminate other general insects and bugs; also known as food for the spiders. By doing so we eliminate the need for the spiders to hang around and they’ll no longer have a food source.

Poisonous Spider Control

spider control irvine ca

Avoid painful spider bites; call our professional spider exterminators at 949-337-1464 today!

If you have seen a poisonous spider, then you’ll want our Irvine spider specialists to come to your house immediately. There are two poisonous Irvine spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. You should give our spider experts a ring if you think you’ve spotted any poisonous spiders in your home. It’s possible to kill one of these spiders when you see it, however, protecting from seeing these spiders is the best option. If you’ve come across a single deadly spider most likely you’ll find others.

Black Widow Exterminators

It’s a dark black spider with red on its belly. We’ve discovered Irvine black widows in houses, barns, sheds, and wood piles. The black widow is very harmful. When reaching into an area that you cannot easily see, you need to be sure to wear safety gloves to protect yourself from a potential spider bite.

Brown Recluse Removal & Extermination

The brown recluse that you’ll find in Irvine, California isn’t large. It has a brown coloring with a solid black stripe on its back. The brown recluse also creates messy webs unlike most neat spider webs we see often.

Call Our Spider Exterminators for Service

Regardless of whether you want to get rid of poisonous or harmless spiders, our Irvine spider exterminators can help you. We will get rid of your existing spiders and help to prevent potential future spiders. Just call us today at 949-337-1464.

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